Windows, Doors, Cabinetry & Woodworking

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We use the same approach to our woodworking as in our timber frames: mortise and tenon joinery, local woods, caring craftsmanship, and timeless designs derived from vernacular traditions. Over the past five years we've built dozens of custom windows and doors of all kinds: front doors, french doors, sliding barn doors, cellar doors and interior doors. Traditional hardware complements our classic designs.
We strive to ensure that the cabinetry and interior woodwork reflect the aesthetics of our timber frames. Here again our approach is to keep things simple and let the materials and craftsmanship come to the fore. The woods are typically the same as those we use in our frames: native white pine and red oak, cut and

milled here in Maine. Here too we have a chance to get even more local and go into the forest and use smaller trees "in the round" for stair rails and posts. For counter tops we favor hard maple and birch—hard, durable, and key species here in the northern hardwood forest.

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We finish all our woodwork with a blend of natural oils. No finish is healthier, safer or better at showing off the natural beauty of wood.

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